About ICOR
We make and distribute ACR products that are environmentally safe, easy to use, and of the highest proven quality and performance.We back up all our products with unmatched technical support. Like many other ACR service companies, we struggled to find better sources of information, better products to use, and better service. Originally called Indianapolis Refrigeration, Co., Inc., a full-line air conditioning and refrigeration service company, we incorporated in 1995 and renamed our company ICOR International, Inc.

When government regulations mandated the reclamation of R-12, we were frustrated by the lack of simple, efficient, and economical recovery equipment. So we developed and patented the Spooter II® refrigerant recovery pump, an inexpensive and EPA-compliant tool. We also became involved in the recovery of ozone depleting refrigerants within the state of Indiana. With our experience in handling refrigerants and recognizing the need for a safe, affordable R-12 replacement, we developed and patented Hot Shot®, a blend which nearly duplicates R-12 and R-500's operating characteristics. Hot Shot® is also used to replace R-134a, R-401A, R-401B, R-409A, R-416A and R-420A.

Later we introduced NU-22® an R-22 replacement compatible with equipment components and oils used in R-22 systems. Recently, we upgraded this product in the form of NU-22B®, which offers even closer operating characteristics, additional capacity, and overall improved performance. In addition to R-22, NU-22B is used instead of R-407C and R-417A.

We are the company that introduced One Shot® (C), a non-ozone-depleting HFC blend that replaces R-502 and R-22 in medium and low temperature applications. It can also be used instead of R-402A, R-402B, R-404A, R-408A and R-507A. Our mission is "making your life easier™" by developing, producing, and marketing superior environmentally safe refrigerants while offering the best technical support in the business. Feel free to *contact us at any time with your questions or comments.


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