Shipping Hydrocarbons

DOT Classifies most refrigerants as "Class 2, Compressed Gases." Nonflammable and nontoxic refrigerants are classified as Division 2.2 gases.Flammable refrigerants are classified as Division2.1 gases. When transporting flammablerefrigerants all appropriate safety consideration must be considered.

ICOR's R-290 and R-600a cans fall below the Limited Quantity regulation for Class 2 Flammable products, they can be shipped in a box with a Limited Quantity Placard, instead of the Class 2 placard.

Required signage and placarding must be used. Some jurisdictions may have more detailedrequirements for transporting R-290, 600a, 170, 32 and 441A. Check with your local DOT.

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